Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

Oh, potted plant so green,

Reigning my porch like a sovereign.

As I sow your compact seed,

Rays and drizzle become your feed.

Along with my assistance as a routine.

Slow and steady every single day,

Growing in all possible ways,

For you to spread around.

Oh, potted plant!

Grant us with dazzling flowers,

I gawk at you for hours.

You are unique in all shades,

And take the edge off as the day fades.

To fill out again the next day.

Oh, potted plant!



Photo by Tyler Delgado on Unsplash

Oh, My beloved Christmas!

Every nook and corner, dazzlingly lit.

Kicking one’s heels for Santa clause, to earn new gifts.

Festooned Fir trees, with tinsels and jingle bells.

Red-hot gateau and biscotti, with tons of fun.

Oh, My beloved Christmas!

Outside the door, with drizzling snowflakes.

Campfire warmth on the inside, with Xmas movies.

Singing and dancing all-around, with Orison so

Unfeigned on the Almighty’s birthday.

Thanks for reading and to Alyse Rowe for this beautiful prompt!



Photo by Guneet Jassal on Unsplash

Being a rearmost month,

Moving us to the edge of the year.

Leaving us with memories

Holding our hearts.

December, you make us remember.

Being as pure as white,

Covering the sphere with snow.

Searching of cozy in winter fire and

Hearing the infancy stories.

December, you make us remember.

Being a colorful month,

Marching us towards the festivals.

Teaching us the celebration and

Lighting up the faith inside us.

December, you make us remember

Being as diverse as cultures

Having disparate perspectives,

Connecting all of us for

Sharing love and compassion

December, you make us remember

Being a cheerful month,

Letting go of the year’s despair and

Welcoming the newest year for

Taking a new resolution

December, you make us remember — Forever!

Thanks for reading and to Ravyne Hawke for a wonderful prompt.